Alexandro Valcarcel is 21 years old. Street photographer and graphic designer based in Lima, Peru. The very first time he came across film photography was when he discovered his parents' old slides back from when they used to live in Italy. He started shooting on film himself around 2012. Then and now, his greatest encouragement for shooting on film is that it requires greater consideration of composition and its details, in contrast to our digital age where every single shot can be erased in a matter of a click. A challenging medium, he finds it aesthetically empowering, capturing his subjects just as they are.

His tools of the trade are an AE 1, a Diana Mini (72 photos approx. out of one single canister - quite a win) and a yet-to-be-identified Minolta. Alexandro enjoys the many streets and people he meets on his travels - something that continues to encourage his photography. He documents as much as he can of what a city has to offer to a foreigner, like its people's unique lifestyles and the social lives built around them. Much of his photos share a theme of daily stress and anxiety among random pedestrians and citizens from various cities (mostly from Peru).

F O L L O W I N S T A G R A M @beanerama