Diego Suárez Hernández is 24 years old. He lives in Santiago, Chile, a place called Lo Prado. He considers photography a hobby and it all started because his best friend showed him some photos that he took with his uncle's camera, they were black and white and he loved them, their contrasts and details; And then went crazy about the analogue photos.

 " I never studied anything related to photography, so the best way I found to learn about everything related to this art was reading comments from photographers, reading books related to photography, commenting with friends and then trying to reproduce it in some shots, which In those moments they were with cameras very "of toy" as they say. Then, that's how I learned to basically use the manual cameras to be able to get different results in the photos and to dare me with some experiments that are happening to me at the moment. It's a bit complicated to talk about the cameras that I occupy to take photos, because I always end up occupying some new ones I buy at some free fair, both as new and some a little hit. However, the ones I occupy most are the Minolta Hi-Matic 7s, the Nikon L35AF and now the Leica mini II date; A compact camera that I got at a fair in Avenida Grecia that cost me $ 1,000 Chileans, can you believe it? I went crazy when I took it home. My favorite genre of photography by far is the street, I love trying to capture special moments and uncommon, with flashy lights or low light. A little intimate or perhaps, perhaps. My goals in this is to keep having fun while taking photos of objects, people I do not know or know and friends of my whole life that make me live very beautiful feelings and emotions. Maybe in the future everything will become more professional and serious, but it will not stop being something that amuses and enchants me."

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