Federico Larraburu was born in Viedma, a small city located in the south of Argentina.He attended a film school in Rosario, Santa Fe, where he learned a little bit about still photography. Now he lives in Buenos Aires. The analog camera he uses is a Nikon F3hp with 24mm and 50mm nikkor lenses. Federico take photos mostly for pleasure. " I would not say I'm a photographer.

I simply practice it as one more way to enjoy life. Especially to be able to observe certain things in more detail. I don't think about genres. I find interesting to see how the genres come together. Sometimes well, others not so much ... My rolls are very different. In a same roll I find landscapes, moments with someone, trees, street photos, minimalists, portraits... I simply shoot things that I like or that catch my attention, or that for some reason I feel they have to be registered. Especially when I feel there is something else to look at there and without photography I couldn't do it. "

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