Ilaria Feoli was born in Avellino,Italy. At the age of 19 she enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, where she began her artistic career. Through academic studies, she learned that photography is the best means to express & give life to her inner feelings and an intimate vision of being. In her shots she tries to dwell on the soul of the photographed objects, making it her own. Among the her photographs are often windows and curtains, all of our daily life. Which, however, remind us of some sort of anxiety, loneliness and mystery. In each photo the artist seeks to find a touch, a hope to cling to. She feels a fragile soul seeking comfort in a world of chaos and fake ideals. The latest work was based on the subject of abandonment and included a 3-day exhibition in Naples where a series of photos were taken at abandoned places where objects and the artist are staged, leaving out The fallen soul of the Italian photographer.

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