Lachlan Bates, is 27 & from Australia. Spending most of his time around the Riverina Region of New South Wales and in Melbourne, Victoria. Lachlan started shooting film on cheap point-and-shoot cameras I found in thrift shops and recycle stores about two and a half years ago. All his cameras are second hand & most of them cost less than $10 each. Some of his favorite point-and-shoots are the Kodak VR35 K5, Ricoh Shotmaster AF Super, Olympus ยต[mju:] III 120 & the Canon Sprint. Started with buying these cameras and shooting just as a hobby to see what he could make of it. It was also a much cheaper alternative to other forms of photography. " I've grown to love the mystery and pure rawness of point-and-shoot cameras because, unlike digital and analog SLR cameras, you're never 100% sure on how the photos will turn out. And, since every brand of film and every camera are all slightly different that adds even more mystery to the process. I really enjoy shooting at night, shooting nature, landscapes and doing a little bit of urbex photography as well. I also love the way film grain gives photos texture and how light leaks can give a photo more character through misfortune. "

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