Steven Smalley is 21, currently living in Sheffield, England. Architecture, landscapes and abandoned buildings are his favorite things to photograph, but really for him, film photography is all about seeing things from another persons unedited perspective. Usually you’ll find him with a Minolta X300s (Centon 70mm lens) around his neck, it’s his go-to camera. Loving how easy it is to use and it’s true what they say, the Minolta’s are real workhorses. When funds permit he is hoping to try out some medium format shots of musicians in his area, so stay tuned for that. Constantly fascinated by colour and light and how it can affect the appearance of architecture and the landscapes in which we live. More recently Steven has been having a play with double exposures and seeing what happy accidents he can create. " Film photography really is an art form that sadly is lost in the Photoshop age. These days its much easier to manipulate something captured digitally through a lens, but where’s the charm in that? "

F O L L O W I N S T A G R A M @sajs35mm